Jonathan stayed in my home while we were away and looked after my two Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds, walking them twice a day, keeping them company and attending to their every need.

 I also have three Ragdoll house cats and Jonathan attended to feeding time and litter tray duties. I have an aviary with birds that also needed feeding daily.  I have been delighted with the service from Jonathan and the dogs were so excited to see him again when he called round.

 We arrived home to a very clean and tidy home with all the pets happy and content.  I could keep in touch by email and Jonathan responded immediately. I was assured that all was well and dealt with a few little errands for me while I was away. I will be happy to recommend Jonathan for dog walking and looking after my home while I have been away and have already booked for another trip soon.

If you would like to get in touch I am sure Jonathan will give you my email address or telephone number and I would be happy to speak to you anytime about my experiences.




I have a rescue patterdale terrier with a few trust issues toward strangers especially men. Since Jonathan has started walking Timmy 3 times a week a few months ago, my dog has improved immensely. He is always very exited to go on his walks and comes back having had a great run around. Jonathan is very reliable even in bad weather he will be there to walk my dog. I could not ask for a better dog walker and trust him completely with my dog. Thanks Jonathan for all your great work with Timmy.



I regularly meet Jonathan whilst I'm walking my dogs. Having seen first hand his care and consideration of each dogs needs, likes and dislikes I'd recommend him. He'd also be my first choice if ever I was unable to walk my girls.


Jonathon is an excellent dog walker and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is very reliable and I am confident that he always has my dogs' wellbeing at heart.


If you are looking for a dog-walker or someone to look after your house and pets whilst you're away, then look no further! Jon is a brilliant man with a passion for animals. Friendly, approachable, kind and loyal - you won't find a better dog-walker in all of Essex!



cocker spaniel and black labrador on beach